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Fireplace Metal Work by Serge Jolimeau

Serge Jolimeau is a gifted metal sculptor known for his complex stylization and high quality artwork. He trained with some of the best Haitian metal sculptors and joined the Centre d'Art in 1972. His work has been exhibited in many cities among them Berlin, Madrid, New York, Milwaukee, and Miami. In 2009, he created commemorative work for the Clinton Global Initiative and after the 2010 earthquake, Macy's sold some of his work throughout their stores in the USA.

Three piece "Fire Place Grid" by sculptor Serge Jolimeau
It will embellish a fireplace and give it a stunning cachet

        Center piece - 36"x36"

Left panel - 15"x36" Right panel - 15"x36"
           $4,000.00 + S&H - No Taxes
   Contact: ToussaintLouvertureFoundation@gmail.com (917) 499-3638     
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