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What they say about us

Man Repeller - October 2016   
Nicole Chapoteau Accessories Director at Allure Magazine, in an interview with Man Repeller, states her appreciation for Haitian art: "The artwork in my house is really important to me. Much of it comes from an organization my dad and his friends started to rebuild the Musee d’Art Haitien, the national museum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after it was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. They were able to get several notable Haitian artists to donate or create new pieces to auction. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of the national cultural heritage, and I’m happy that the pieces that hang in my home contributed to this cause."
Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments: Nicole Chapoteau

The New York Review of Books - May 26, 2016 issue   
The New York Review of Books chooses artwork from the Save A Museum Art Collection to illustrate one of its articles

Radio Television Caraibes - 15 octobre 2015   
   Franketienne et Arnold Antonin: une traversee inoubliable    

Radio Television Caraibes - 15 aout 2015 
Hommage au Dr Michel Philippe Lerebours  

Radio Television Caraibes - 17 novembre 2014 
Preserver l’Heritage National est le Devoir de Tous  

Repeating Islands - September 16, 2014 
Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation Saving the Museum Collection  

Radio Television Caraibes - 8 juillet 2014 
Pour la Reconstruction du Musee d’Art Haitien  

Preludium - January 22, 2014 
Saving the Museum of Art of College St. Pierre, Port au Prince, Haiti  

Echos Du Tout Monde Echos du Tout-Monde - Automne 2013

Magazine publié par les étudiants du BMCC apporte un soutien au Musée d'Art Haïtien du Collège St Pierre:  Echos Du Tout-Monde


Le Nouvelliste - 20 janvier 2014

Il faut sauver le Musée d'Art Haïtien du Collège St Pierre par Dominique Dommerçant

Travaux en cours au musee

The International Review of African American Art - October 14, 2013 
Artists Rally to Save Museum of Haitian Art by Dr Michel Philippe Lerebours

Carribbean Life - October 3rd 2013 
"Save A Museum" Expo for Haiti's art museum by Tequila Minsky

                        Le Nouvelliste - 16 septembre 2013        
La Lente agonie de la peinture haitienne by Robert Paret

                        Arc The Magazine - September 4th 2013 
Save A Museum At Kenkeleba

Good news! 

The work to repair the Musée d'Art Haitien du Collège St Pierre has started thanks to the funds raised at the Save A Museum Exhibit/Sale held last September.
The work to restore some of the damaged paintings has also started.

Thank you to all of you who made this possible in so many ways: by sharing word of our efforts with your friends; by answering our calls for donation; by purchasing copies of our Save A Museum Catalog and the Hector Hyppolite Book; by acquiring one of the paintings generously donated by artists and collectors.


There is more to do as the amount raised is far from what is needed to complete all the repairs and restore all the damaged paintings and we are making plans for exhibits/sales in Washington DC and other settings. We'll reach out to you when these plans are firm, hoping to, again, garner your support for this meaningful cause. Let's make 2014 the year the Musée d'Art Haitien reopens its doors to the public.

We wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Contact: ToussaintLouvertureFoundation@gmail.com (917) 499-3638

To see all artwork for sale click here

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