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Art Catalog

Limited Edition: Artwork by 70+ Artists & Biographies

Cover for the Save A Museum Cover

Discover the artwork of 78 Haitian artists and help the Musée d’Art Haitien du Collège St Pierre in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  

It was severely damaged during the January 2010 earthquake and is still closed to the public more than 3 years later.  

78 artists and 7 collectors donated 88 original paint-ings and 3 lithographies to raise funds for its repair.

Earthquake by Raphael Denis

The "Save A Museum" catalog has a full color picture of each painting donated and biographical notes about the artists. It introduces the history of the museum and the birth of the support committee. It also includes an essay by Haitian art historian Dr. Michel Philippe Lerebours and Reminiscences by Phyllis Voegeli and Mary Voegeli de Pinho, nieces of the museum's founder, Bishop Al Voegeli.

This is a 52 pages, 8.5"x11", full color catalog.  To order your copy, click here BUY

The artists:

Allen, Jonas
Allen, Ralph
Antoine, Philippe
Antoine, Fritzvelt [Wouwous]
Arcelin, Evens
Blanchard, Smith
Booz, Ludovic
Bresilla, Colette [Kokko]
Brintle, Patricia
Cadet, Marie-Lucie [Malou]
Cadet, Vonette
Charles, Etzer
Charlier, Vladimir Cybil
Demosthene, Florine
Denis, Raphael
Dessalines, Harold
Desvarieux, Edouard
Dodard, Philippe
Domond, Joseph Ernst
Domond, Jean-Ricardo
Dorsainvil, Gary
Dupoux, Marie-Thérèse [Marithou]
Durandisse, Jean
Durocher, Gontrand
Duval-Carrie, Edouard
Exil, Levoy
Felix, Denise
Felix, Lafortune
Frantz, Jean-Baptiste
Fungcap, Essud
Gaetan, Eddy
Ganthier, Patrick [Killy]
Garoute, Michele Claude [Klode]
Gaspard, George Patrick
Girault, Eric
Gousse-Allen, Marie Claude
Gracia, François R. 
Gregoire, Alexandre 
Hall, Myrtha
Jean, Elie
Jourdain, Philippe
Juste, Andre
Lahens-Esper, Genevieve [Iris]
Laplanche, Tiffany 
Latortue, Odile
Laurent, Maccene
Laurent, Renold
Legrand, Yolene
Lerosier, Kepler
Lesperance, Guetty 
Leveque, Gabriel 
Louis, Jean-Elie
Louissaint, Franck
Marcelin, Michele Voltaire
Merisier, Emmanuel
Mezilas, Frenal
Nadal-Gardere, Marie-Jose
Nicolas, Christian [Kristo]
Paret, Robert
Paul, Lionel [Onel]
Phipps-Kettlewell, Marilene
Piard, Patrice
Piquion, Elisabeth Moscoso
Placide, Joseph M. E. [Milo]
Rocher, Camy
Saint Jean, St Juste
Smith, Abnet [Zag]
Sufal, Edner
Syllien, Guy
Télémaque, Hervé
Tintin, Eddy
Tintin, Jean René
Volcy, Jean Dominique
Vorbe, Gregory
Wah, Patrick Gerald
Woolley, Frantz
The collectors who donated artwork:
A. Paul Corbanese
Denise Felix
Harold Laplanche
Jacqueline Pompilus
Charles Vabre
Mary Voegeli de Pinho
Phyllis Voegeli

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