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Haiti Cultural Exchange Haiti Film Fest 2015

Haiti Cultural Exchange Haiti Film Fest 2015
TLCF Administrator - Fri Apr 10, 2015 @ 09:18AM
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HCXFilmFest For eight days Haiti Film Fest, presented by Haiti Cultural Exchange, will showcase Haitian Cinema in all the neighborhoods of New York City. 
The filmmakers range from award-winner Arnold Antonin (Georges Corvington: Port-au-Prince: my one and only love) to newcomer Patrick Ulysse (Forever Yours).

The topics are as varied and broad as Haiti's history and human experiences:
- The Duvalier past: Storming Papa Doc by Mario Delatour
- The environment: Le Fléau / INVASION by Gasner François
- The 2010 earthquake: Lakay by Tirf Alexius and Remoh Romeo
- The arts: Black Dawn by Robin Lloyd and Doreen Kraft
- And many more: See the complete schedule here

HCX HFF Banner Haiti Film Fest 2015 is a unique opportunity to discover new talents and films addressing important topics from our culture and our history

Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization based in New York City.

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